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About the local programme

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About the programme

The local programme of cardiac rehabilitation has been thoroghly described in a manual to disseminate the local clinical and organizational experience as a practical example of implementing CCR in Denmark. Further a movie has been produced to reflect how the procedures are carried out in every day clinical life.


In the following the basic principles of the programme is shortly outlined. For more details please go to the manual ==>> 

Basic principles

The CR programme at H:S Bispebjerg Hospital is based on a number of basic principles: a broad definition of CCR; an integrated comprehensive approach; individual tailoring; a multidisciplinary and interprofessional approach; involvement of partners; broadening of the target group; patient-centred health communication and systematic risk factor management and clinical assessment.


The basic principles are described in details in the local manual==>>

Lifestyle intervention

Lifestyle intervention plays an important role in the secondary prevention strategy of the local CCR programme. The local lifestyle intervention is based on knowledge about the links between heart disease and smoking, dietary habits and exercise habits.


Read more about the principles of the lifestyle intervention in the local manual==>>

Cooking classes

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